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Our aims:

• To build up a long term partnership between the schools

• To encourage the pupils of both schools to learn about each other’s cultures and thus promote cultural awareness

• As a school based so-called “developed” country we, Private Wirtschaftsschule Dr Kalscheuer, are in the fortunate position of being able to organise and promote events to financially support the financial development of our partner schools: Jana Sudhar Lower Secondary School and Nepal Adarsha Secondary School in Kathmandu, Nepal.

To this end, in April 2011 we founded a non-profit making oranisation – Projekt Nepal e.V. – which entitles us to raise money through, for example, our school’s “open day” and other sponsored events, and enables us to accept donations from private individuals and institutions. Such funds are used to directly support the development of our partner school.
We rely on the voluntary work of the pupils, teachers and other individuals involved in our project which means that:

100% of the funds raised are used to support our partner schools in Kathmandu

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